Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shape of the Earth

وَالْأَرْضَ بَعْدَ ذَلِكَ دَحَاهَا 79:30
“And the earth, moreover, hath He made egg shaped.”
(Al Quran Chapter 79 Verses 30)
In early times, people believed that the earth was flat. For centuries, men were afraid to venture out too far, for fear of falling off the edge
It was only in 1597 when Sir Francis Drake sailed around the earth and proved that the earth is spherical in shape.
But The Quran had already told the exact spherical shape of the Earth about a 1000 Years earlier than that.
The word used in above verse DAHAH literary means an egg and it is specifically referred to the Egg of an Ostrich.
That resembles the exact shape of the Earth.


  1. Real form of eart is represented by the black circle. Please stop the lies. It doesn't serve the umma.

  2. Read the verse yourself it clearly says Earth is spread out meaning Earth is flat. And Muslims scholars in Arabic speaking countries and all over believes that Earth is flat.
    That Dahaha bullshit is copy and paste from Zakir Naik's fake lecture isn't it ?
    He said the same thing and where did Quran spoke about an Ostrich egg ? Haha
    Seriously you people just make your own made up assumptions. I can speak Arabic and in Arabic it says that Earth is flat and Allah has spread the Earth.
    Please stop the lies and Zakir naik is an exposed liar whose lectures are haram and he's a liar.
    Quran 79:30 doesn't say anything about an egg.
    Face the fact that Islam and Quran says that the Earth is flat and goes against the science by denying the evolution when there are dozens of fossils available.
    And Adam and Eve is a lie as we all have different DNA and there are so many different race so there is no way we came from single man and woman.
    No wonder educated Muslims like me are leaving Islam.