Monday, June 4, 2012


Ablution or wadhu with full observance of its rules according to sunnah is a sublime act for which hadith has  promised many merits and rewards. Uthman ibn Affan relates that our eternally blessed Prophet has said:

"One who performs ablution and does well expunges sins from his body even under his nails"

Another hadith relates that once our Prophet, upon whom be showered Divine Blessings eternally, said to the  Companions, "Do I tell you the things due to which Allah the Most High eradicates (your) sins and elevates  (you)?" The Companion said ' 0 Messenger of Allah'. Do tell us". The Holy Prophet, be he blessed, said To  perform complete ablution in spite of not wanting it, to take many steps to the mosque, and to wait for next prayers after one prayer. this act is as sublime as jihad." (Muslim and Tirm idhi)

This means that even when one does not feel like performing ablution due to, say, cold weather etc. its  performing is as meritorious and rewarding as guarding the frontier in jihad. Correct ablution means ablution as  prescribed in the sunnah. Hence one must follow and observe the prescribed method of ablution and if one  does not know it, he must learn it.

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